Density and Concentration Meter DMA 4100 M
The density meter DMA 4100 M provides unparalleled ease of use and state-of-the-art digital density measurement at an attractive price. Among the DMA 4100 M density meter's numerous applications are its use in industrial quality control, in research, at authorities and at standards organizations
  1. Features
  2. Specification


Technology: Anton Paar’s DMA density meters combine the groundbreaking oscillating U-tube principle, the integrated reference oscillator, highly accurate platinum thermometers and a full-range viscosity correction to provide exceptional measurement performance. The new features of DMA Generation M add an outstanding level of user confidence and comfort
Adaptable configurations: Use the function keys below the touchscreen, a mouse or an external keyboard if you are working in a harsh environment. Enter sample identifications through a keyboard, a bar code reader, or via other means. Connect a large PC monitor or touchscreen to read the results or operate the instrument from afar. Choose from common density units such as g/cm3, kg/m3, pound/gallon and employ “customer tables” to calculate concentrations in units such as %w/w, %m/m
Be sure of your results
-          Fast, reliable measurement results
-          Only 1 mL of sample required
-          Preset measuring methods for different applications
-          Integrated conversion tables for simple density and concentration measurement
-          Different user functions applicable: tables, polynomials and formulas
-          Detects filling errors and gas bubbles in the sample
-          Generates filling warnings which are recorded them in the results list
-          Eliminates all measurement drifts caused by temperature stress due to temperature changes or sample temperatures greatly different from the measuring temperature
-          Allows accurate and convenient density measurements in a wide temperature range
-          Only one adjustment at one temperature required
-          Patented reference oscillator (AT399051)
Automatic viscosity correction
-          Across the samples' entire viscosity range
-          Eliminates viscosity-related errors
-          No viscosity standards required
Full QM compliance
-          GMP/GLP and 21 CFR Part 11 compatibility
-          Audit Trail
-          Password protection with three user levels
-          Forgery-proof data export
Continuously updated display
-          Permanent display of the density and viscosity-corrected density as well as all calculated properties
-          Beverages
-          Chemical Industry
-          Cosmetics, Personal Care
-          Electronics
-          Environmental
-          Food Industry
-          Petroleum Industry
-          Pharmacy, Medicine/Biotechnology

Measuring range
0 to 3 g/cm3
0 to 90 °C (32 to 194 °F)
0 to 10 bar (0 to 145 psi)
1 x 10-4 g/cm3
0.05 °C (0.09 °F)
Repeatability s.d.
5 x 10-5 g/cm3
0.02 °C (0.04 °F)
Additional information
Minimum sample amount
approx. 1 mL
Measuring time per sample
30 seconds (after temperature equilibrium)
Integrated tables and functions
Alcohol tables
Extract/sugar tables
API functions
Acid/base tables
20 freely programmable custom functions (tables, polynomials, formulas)
2 x S-BUS
4 x USB
Graphical, bright colored 6.5 inches TFT touch screen (640 x 480 px) with customizable display layout
Wetted parts
PTFE, borosilicate glass
(L x W x H)
482 x 340 x 231 mm
(19 x 13.4 x 9.1 inches)
22.5 kg (49.6 lbs)
Voltage supply
AC 85 to 265 V | 50/60 Hz
Power consumption
50 to 80 V A
Touchscreen, softkeys, optional keyboard, mouse and bar code reader
Internal storage
Up to 2 GB