Alcolyzer Beer ME
Precise beer analysis guarantees the high quality of your beer. The Alcolyzer Beer ME Analyzing System is a highly accurate beer analysis system which determines the alcohol content of all types of beers, beer mixtures, ciders, etc. The patented NIR measuring method eliminates the influence of other sample constituents on the alcohol measurement and therefore guarantees highly precise results. When combined with a density meter, Alcolyzer Beer ME determines further parameters in a single cycle, e.g. extract, original extract, density, degree of fermentation and calories as standard
  1. Features
  2. Specification

Complete beer analysis in one measuring cycle

-          Determines alcohol, original extract, real extract, degree of fermentation, calories, etc.

-          Optional measurement of color and pH value
-          For non-alcoholic beers, beer mixtures, fermenting beers, finished beers, and ciders
-          Wide measuring range up to an alcohol content of 12 % v/v
-          No time-consuming cleaning between samples
-          Measuring method evaluated and approved by MEBAK
The simplest adjustment and calibration
-          Adjustment/calibration with water and an alcohol/water solution
-          One single adjustment is valid for all your samples
Quick, easy, compact
-          Simple operation of the complete system via one touchscreen
-          No product-specific calibrations necessary
-          Saves space; compact modular design
-          Virtually maintenance-free
-          Extend the system with further Anton Paar measuring modules

Measuring range
0 to 12 % v/v
Original extract
0 to 30 °Plato
0 to 20 % w/w
0 to 3 g/cm3
Color (optional)
0 to 120 EBC
pH value (optional)
0 to 14
Repeatability s.d.
0.01 % v/v
Original extract
0.03 °Plato
0.01 % w/w
0.00001 g/cm3 (DMA 4500 M) / 0.000001 g/cm3 (DMA 5000 M)
Color (optional)
0.1 EBC
ph value (optional)
Additional information
Temperature control
Integrated Peltier thermostat
Minimum amount of
30 mL degassed beer per measurement
Typical measuring
time per sample
4 minutes (incl. filling)
Dimensions (L x W x H)
482 x 730 x 446 mm (19.0 x 28.7 x 17.6 inches)
approx. 35.7 kg (77 lbs)
Power supply
AC 100 to 240 V; 50 to 60 Hz; 50 to 80 VA
4 x USB, Ethernet, VGA, CAN, RS-232