Automatic Saccharimeter: MCP 300/500 Sucromat
MCP 300/500 Sucromat is the state-of-the-art saccharimeter providing highly accurate analysis of °Z (International Sugar Scale) for the sugar industry. While MCP 300 measures at 589 nm, MCP 500 measures at two wavelengths: 589 nm and 880 nm. At 880 nm MCP 500 can measure strongly colored filtrates which cannot be measured in the visible range. Over 30 years of experience and highest quality in development, production and customer support has made Anton Paar saccharimeters the standard in sugar analysis. Their modular design allows customer-specific configurations and future upgrades. The MCP 500 Sucromat (VIS/NIR model) measures both conventionally prepared samples and samples prepared without lead. The latter frequently produce colored filtrates that are too dark for measurement at visible (VIS) wavelengths, but transparent enough for near infrared (NIR) light, at which extremely dark samples can be analyzed. The method, based on NIR polarimetry, is applicable to all raw sugars, white sugars, and speciality sugars that require clarification. The MCP 300 Sucromat is an automatic saccharimeter with an internal resolution of 0.001 °Optical Rotation corresponding to 0.003 °Z International Sugar Scale.
  1. Features
  2. Specification


- Fast, reliable measurements
- Accurate results even under adverse conditions such as fluctuating line voltage, dark-colored samples or high ambient temperatures
- For all raw, white and special sugars
- Purity determination in combination with Anton Paar’s Abbemat refractometer
Automatic temperature compensation
- Temperature compensation to 20 °C according to the International Sugar Scale (ISS)
- No external thermostatic water bath required
Full international compliance
- Australian standard K 157
Full QM compliance
- Password protection on three user levels
- Audit trail
- GMP/GLP compatibility
- Forgery-proof data export

Measuring Scales
°Z International sugar scale (with and without automatic temperature correction)
% Glucose and % Sucrose, (g/mL, g/100mL, g/L)
% Purity
°Optical Rotation
Mathematic functions and user-defined scales
Complete compliance with ICUMSA, OIML and Australian Standard K 157
°Z at 589nm
MCP 300
MCP 500
Measuring range
± 259° Z
± 259° Z
± 0.01°Z
± 0.01°Z
± 0.01°Z
± 0.01°Z
Response time
12 sec
15 sec
589nm and 880nm
Light intensity self-adjustment compensates attenuation at 589 nm up to Optical Density (OD) of 4.0
Additionally permits measurement of colored samples. VIS mode: Up to OD 4.0, NIR mode: Up to OD 7 at 589 nm
Light source
Tungsten halogen lamp, 6V, 20 W, with average lifetime of 2000 h
Temperature interface
± 0.1°C
± 0.1°C
Temperature control
Optional Peltier system for automatic temperature control between 15 °C to 45 °C
Sample cell
ToolMaster™ - Automatic identification of the sample cell
Sample cell path length from 2.5 mm to 200 mm
Technical Details
TFT Touch screen 6.5”, 640 X 480 Pixels
Easy connection of keyboard, mouse, printer, bar code reader and networks
Dimensions (LxWxH)
754 mm X 392 mm X 231 mm (29.7 in x 15.5 in x 9.1 in)
32Kg (70.5 lb)
Power supply
AC 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption
70 to 100 VA