Distillation Unit: DU 4
The DU 4 is designed for examining the boiling range characteristics of petroleum products as well as aromatic hydrocarbons and other volatile organic liquids.
  1. Features
  2. Specification
Benefits at a Glance
·         Compact design
·         Expanded range of application
·         Budget-saving versions available
Convenient Operation
·         Easily adjustable flask support
·         Stepless electronic power regulator
·         Advanced user safety due to encapsulated heating elements
·         Fast cooling down after completion of a distillation procedure (optional)



Customized User Flexibility
·         Add-on glassware is available for ASTM D86 distillation group 0, solvents, etc.
·         Full-view tempering jacket for measuring cylinder (for Group 0 distillation)
·         Anti-dazzle screen (for visual dry-point detection)
·         Manually released fire extinguisher (optional)
·         Heatable bath (optional)