Oxidation Stability Tester: OBA 2
The semi-automatic OBA 2 safety tester is used to determine the oxidation stability (induction period) and the tendency to formgum (potential residue) under accelerated oxidation conditions. It complies with German safety regulations to avoid health hazards caused by unexpected explosions. OBA 2 is suitable for oxidation stability applications of gasoline and aviation fuel.
  1. Features
  2. Specification
Benefits at a Glance
·         Safety kits with pressure-peak damping device
·         PA 5-OBA programmable manometers
·         Pressure-certified oxidation vessels
·         Temperature control alternatives


Convenient Operation
·         For safety reasons the manometers are not mounted directly on the oxidation vessel but on a protective shield with an integrated manometer holder fitted to the bath. The pressure-peak damping devices include flame arresters and extra long oxygen pressure lines
·         The PA 5-OBA is a programmable manometer with a digital display and pressure connection. It checks the leakage stability of the oxidation vessel before starting the test automatically.
·         Data can be transferred from the manometer to your PC via an USB interface (software & cable included)
·         The included PC software allows monitoring of the numerical and graphical data on the screen.
·         Convenient temperature reading and correction of the induction period acc. to the used method (optional)
Application range
Up to +200 °C (OBA 2)
Up to +120 °C (OBA 2/T)
Liquid bath, 45 l (OBA 2)
Dry-heat bath (OBA 2/T)
Test places
Pressure range measurement
0 to 14 bar / 1400 kPa / 203 psi
Resolution displayed
1 mbar / 0.1 °C
Internal memory
57,000 data sets
Oxidation vessel
Stainless steel, certified for 40 bar, 
static pressure at 100 °C
Protective shield with integrated manometer holder, flame arresters, extra long oxygen pressure lines
Power supply
115 V or 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 2000 W
Dimensions(W x D x H)
430 mm x 580 mm x 900 mm (OBA 2)
900 mm x 750 mm x 900 mm (OBA 2/T)
33 kg (OBA 2)
68 kg (OBA 2/T)