Penetrometer: PNR 12
PNR 12 automatically measures the resistance a material provides to being pierced by a specifically shaped penetrator. The harder the test material, the more pointed and needle-like the penetrator should be. The penetrometer is used for consistency and plasticity determination of pasty, creamy, semi-solid or highly viscous samples.
  1. Features
  2. Specification
Benefits at a Glance
·         The patented force sensor plunger (optional) will detect the surface of samples even underneath a layer of water. It starts the standardized test sequence automatically and digitally reports the results on the display.
Suitable samples are bitumen < 160 PU (1 Penetration Unit = 0.1 mm), waxes and other comparable hard materials.
·         20 programs (16 of which are individually user-definable)
·         Automatic data conversion (NLGI-class, EN-bitumen value, ¼-cone to solid cone and ½-cone to solid cone)
·         Limit indicator which gives an alarm when the test value falls outside preset values
·         Statistical and database functionality (storage of 200 tests, evaluation of Min, Max, Mean)
·         Data readout with USB stick, conversion to Excel®
·         Automatic measurements of electrically conductive samples


Convenient Operation
·         Magnifier and extra bright LED sample illumination for reliable manual surface detection
·         Jog-wheel-driven menu (turn and push)
Password protection
0 mm to 80 mm (plunger-dependent)
Max. test load
2 kg
Test duration
±0.01 mm
Start delay
up to 600 s
USB, LAN, LIMS compatibility
Power supply
100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.5 A, 70 W
330 mm x 370 mm x 570 mm (W x D x H)
11 kg