Ramsbottom Carbon Residue Tester: RCRT
The semi-automatic RCRT with its gas-free furnace indicates coke-forming properties by determining the amount of carbon residue left after evaporation and pyrolysis of an oil sample. It is applicable to relatively non-volatile petroleum products, which partially decompose on distillation at atmospheric pressure, like diesel fuel, motor oil, gas or crude oil.
  1. Features
  2. Specification
Benefits at a Glance
·         Thermocouple with ceramic insulator, including certificate
·         Microprocessor temperature control and overtemperature cut-off
·         Heavily insulated heating block provides exceptional heat retention.


Convenient Operation
·         The Ramsbottom carbon residue coking furnace consists of a solid cast-iron heating block with five wells
·         The stainless steel housing is ventilated, heavily insulated and equipped with an indicating and control unit for the digital display of true temperature and heating control with the help of a thermocouple with temperature compensation
The sample is heated at 550 °C for 20 minutes in a glass coking bulb before the residue is weighed
Temperature range
Ambient to +760 °C
Temperature stability
±1 °C
Test places
5 (1 control and 4 coking bulbs)
Power supply
230 V, 50 Hz or 115 V, 60 Hz, 1300 W
300 mm x 450 mm x 420 mm (W x D x H)
22 kg