Softening Point Tester: RKA 5
The ring-and-ball softening point tester automatically determines the temperature at which a substance attains a particular degree of softness. It is used for samples without sharply defined melting points, which become softer and less viscous as the temperature rises. The RKA 5 with its different ball-centering and dispensing devices is suitable for bitumen, waxes, adhesives, resins, polymers, road-marking materials and sealing compounds.
  1. Features
  2. Specification


Benefits at a Glance

·         Temperature-heating rate chart for conformity check of each test

·         Multi-point temperature calibration

·         Provision against the erroneous detection of air bubbles

·         Automatic assessment of results acc. to the requirements of the standard

·         Statistical and database functionality

·         The heating system is spill-protected and in a sealed case for safe operation and easy cleaning


Convenient Operation

·         A laser scanner system covers the whole beaker cross-section area. This ensures a very reliable detection of the falling ball.

The smart jog wheel operation system (turn and push) and Pmove®, as an innovative operation platform, make it easy to select one of the pre-set standard programs or choose one of the 20 user-definable settings.



RKA 5 incl. test rack with mechanical ball-centering and dispensing device

Application range

up to +250 °C

Test places



IR radiation, ROBAX® heating plate, spill-protected


100 rpm to 150 rpm (program-dependent)


4.7” graphical color, graphical menu guidance

Cooling after test

Powerful fan

Temperature probe

Pt100 (4-wire, gold contacts)


RS232, 3x USB, LAN, LIMS compatibility

Power supply

115 V or 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.2 kW


230 mm x 470 mm x 460 mm (W x D x H)


12 kg