Microwave Synthesis in the Kilolab: Masterwave BTR
Based on a revolutionary new technique, the all-new Masterwave BTR benchtop reactor for the first time transfers microwave synthesis to the kilolab. Productivity in your lab is considerably increased up to kilogram amounts per day. The benchtop reactor’s magnetically driven paddle stirrer provides independent stirring regimes for individual content. Due its rising-sensor temperature measurement technique, Masterwave BTR features the high temperature accuracy required for direct method transfer from any smaller microwave device.
  1. Features
  2. Specification


-    1700 W installed microwave power

-    Bayonet-locked 1 L reaction container

-    Rising PT100 temperature sensor

-    Integrated mechanical stirrer with software-guided stirring regime

-    Intuitive software with touchscreen navigation

-    Reaction conditions up to 250 °C and 30 bar

-    Constantly circulating microwave-transparent cooling liquid

-    Optional remote control (VNC open source)

-    Industry-validated performance and productivity

-    Reaction volume: 250 - 750 mL

-    Stirring: 0 - 600 rpm

-    Method library for up to 1000 experiments

-    Data export via USB storage device or Ethernet

-    One-click editing of reaction parameters

-    Internal closed-cycle cooling system: Efficient cooling by microwave-transparent cooling liquid

Enhance your output in valuable synthesis

-    Metal-catalyzed Reactions

-    Cycloadditions

-    Fluorine Chemistry

-    Preparation of Nanomaterials

-    Solid-phase Synthesis

-    Polymer Synthesis

-    Zeolithe Synthesis

Ionic Liquid Chemistry