Introduction about Qtrap LC/MS/MS System

 The QTRAP® LC/MS/MS System is a unique tandem mass spectrometer, capable of functioning as either a dedicated triple quadrupole mass spectrometer for quantitative workflows or as a highly-sensitive linear ion trap mass spectrometer for qualitative workflows. QTRAP® Technology can also increase selectivity by reducing interferences for quantitative applications using the MRM3 workflow in which the MRM transition is based on the MS/MS/MS fragmentation pattern of the compound of interest.

The QTRAP® System also houses the most sensitive ion trap in the world – the all new, patented Linear Accelerator™ Trap – along with offering ultra-fast scan speeds and full MS3 capabilities.
- Perform multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) scans for quantitation using this high-sensitivity triple quadrupole system.
- Identify, characterize, and quantitate metabolites more quickly and easily
- Discover and quantitate targeted biomarkers.
- Enable high-sensitivity, full-scan MS, MS/MS, and MS3 with high-selectivity from true triple quadrupole precursor ion (PI) and neutral loss (NL) scans
Detector Type: Pulse-counting channel electron multiplier (CEM) detectors TurboIonSpray® Ion Source;
Ionization Sources: Atmospheric-presure chemical ionization (APCI) sources; DuoSpray™, PhotoSpray®  and NanoSpray® Ion Sources;
Scan Types: Q1 MS, Q3 MS, Product Ion, Precursor Ion, Neutral Loss or Gain, MRM, EMS, EPI, ER, MS3, TripleTrap™ Scanning.
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