The Rotavapor R-220 SE (Second Edition)
The Rotavapor R-220 SE (Second Edition) is a further development of the very successful industry approved Rotavapor R-220. Many proven elements have been carried over from the original R-220. However, a few new features have been introduced in relation to safety and ease of use.
  1. Features
  2. Specification
  • The only 20L Rotary evaporator with stainless steel housing. Quality that last forever
  • Patented flask clamp Snap action mechanism: Quick, easy and safe way to fix the evaporating flask
  • Patented EasyClamp connections: Secures glass joints quickly, easily and safely
  • The large evaporating flask with its weight burnt-in. The weight is marked in grams. Precise weight +/- 1g
  • Feed valve: Quick or continuous addition of sample without breaking vacuum
  • Seven different glass assemblies for every application the right configuration
  • “Plastic+Glas” coating on all glass components with the exception of evaporating flasks. This coating offers maximum protection for personnel against implosions and glass breakage without hindering operation
  • The integrated vacuum controller on the R-220 SE regulates and optimizes the distillation process with special features such as Timer, Gradient, Repeat … Timer function stops rotation, bath temperature and lift position after a programmed time is achieved
  • Spring-loaded shut-off valves prevent glass breakage as a result of excessive force during closing
  • Graduated receiving flasks for measurable reproducible results, PTFE base outlet valve for chemical resistant easy emptying
  • Universal heating bath for use with water or oil up to 180°C
  • Large display for clear indication of important data such as: Actual bath temperature, Vapor temperature, Coolant temperature, Cooling status ON/OFF, Rotation speed …
  • A safety shield made of PMMA protects the entire glass assembly, but is unrestricted visibility of the process. Rotation stops when shield is open
  • An adjustable upper temperature limit prevents unintentionally change of the setpoint. An overtemperature sensor switches the Rotavapor off when setpoint temperature has been exceeded by 15°C

Optional accessories for time and cost savings

  • Foam detector: The internal PTFE foam sensor detects and breaks down rising foam with a short aeration pulse. Therefore, you can use the foam sensor to eliminate the time consuming monitoring process of extract reduction
  • Level sensors: Receiving flask level sensor terminates operation when predetermined waste levels are achieved. Particularly helpful for concentration of product.
  • Data storage: Easy data storage on USB stick. Saves parameters from application runs (temperatures, pressure, rotational speed) on a USB stick for data transfer
  • Distillation capacity (ethanol): Up to 13.5 liters/hour 3600 W heater, Up to 16 liters/hour 4200 W heater
  • Voltage: 200 V, 220 –240 V (1P, N, G) / 400 V (3P, N, G)
  • Frequency: 50 – 60 H
  • Power consumption max.: 5500 W (4.2 kW heater)
  • Dimensions: Height: 1430 mm – 1750 mm, depending on glass assy.; Width: 1200 mm; Depth: 510 mm; Bath diameter (inner): 430 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 65 kg without glass
  • Cooling water flow rate: 120 – 200 liters/hour
  • Temperature range: Room temperature up to 180°C
  • Rotation speed: 5 – 140 rpm