Introduction about  Extraction
The Extraction Units E-812/816 are designed for classical Food and Feed applications in real compliance with AOAC methods.They are available as fully automated real class Soxhlet systems (E-812/816 Sox) or as Hot Extraction configurations (E-812/816 HE) to perform automated hot extractions according to Randall or Goldfisch
The Extraction System B-811 is the most convenient and versatile of all automated extraction systems offering 4 different extraction techniques in one unit. Perform a Soxhlet Standard, a Soxhlet Warm, a Hot Extraction, or Continuous Flow – each process is fully automated and controlled. Additionally: work under completely inert conditions!The instrument is available in a standard and LSV configuration for large volume samples (trace analysis)
The unique concept of the new SpeedExtractor achieves a new time dimension: Up to 6 samples can be extracted not one after the other, but at the same time in completely separate cells. The result: 6 extracts in only 20 minutes! The SpeedExtractor also makes day-to-day work easier. The automatic sealing of the extraction cells, the easy operation and the flexible process parameters make the work not only convenient, but also safe and of ...